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Travel Top 5 – Salzburg, Austria

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Salzburg, Austria

Welcome to Salzburg, the home of Wolfgang Mozart and the famous The Sound of Music film. This small town on the boarder of Austria and Germany is the fourth largest city in Austria and home to over 150,000 residents. I was fortunate enough to visit Austria on my trip to Munich through a day trip to Salzburg and experience the quaint and quiet city.

1.  Mirabell Gardens

The Mirabell Gardens are not just for The Sound of Music fans but for fans of symmetry and color as well! These beautiful gardens were constructed in 1690 on the grounds of the Mirabell Palace and are laid out in Baroque style geometric form. Many of the scenes from The Sound of Music were filmed in the gardens and fountains and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Salzburg.

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2.  Hohensalzburg Fortress

Though I personally did not have enough time in the day to go inside this castle, it is a must do when visiting Salzburg. Built in 1077, the castle today is fully preserved and visitors have the opportunity to tour the castle, museums and experience the multimedia Magical Theater. Access to the castle is available by foot (a good option for views of the Austrian hills and countryside) or by riding the funicular. Check out this castle up close or far away as the centerpiece of the Salzburg skyline.

3.  Mozart’s Geburtshaus (Mozart’s Birthhouse)

Named one of the most frequently visited museums in the Austria, Mozart’s Birthplace is located in the heart of downtown and not just for fans of his music. Mozart was born on the third floor of the house on January 27, 1756 and spent his childhood and most of his youth in the building. The house officially became a museum in 1880 and offers visitors a tour with original rooms, letters, memorabilia and portraits. (Then head to the small courtyard next to the house for amazing sachertorte and cappuccino!)

4.  Mozartkugel

Mozart’s Balls! The official name of these famous chocolate confections. These small bonbons were first created in 1890 by Paul Fürst and named after Salzburg’s most famous resident, Wolfgang Mozart. The center is made of pistachio marzipan, followed by nougat and coated in dark chocolate. There are many places that sell Mozartkugel in Salzburg but the originals (and best) are sold at Café Fürst Konditorei.

5.  Residenzplatz

Located in the heart of Altstadt Salzburg (historic center of Salzburg), the Residenzplatz is a large square surrounded by the archiepiscopal residences and Cathedral of Salzburg. Today, the square is used for big events, concerts, festivals and more! During an off season, when nothing is going on in the square, it is still worthwhile to stand by the fountain and take in the old Baroque architecture and colorful residence buildings.




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