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Travel Top 5 – Paris, France

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Paris, France

Welcome to the city of love, Paris, France. This big and bustling city is home to almost 2.5 million people and over 30 million tourists every year. Paris has so much rich history to offer whether it is monuments, museums or pastries!

1.  Angelina’s

This quaint café and tearoom has been around for over 100 years and is still serving up some of the most famous hot chocolate drinks and pastries in the world. When visiting Angelina’s make sure you try a cup of this thick and creamy hot chocolate drink as well as Angelina’s famous Mont-Blanc pastry with meringue, whipped cream and chestnut paste.

2.  Eiffel Tower

Obviously seeing and visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must do while in Paris. Whether you buy tickets ahead of time or not, spend the extra 3€ to go all the way up to the summit. There, you not only get breathtaking 360 views of Paris but you can learn about the mastermind engineer behind the tower, Gustave Eiffel and see a replica of his mini apartment atop the tallest structure in Paris. Make sure to catch the tower at night where is really shines and lights up the city around it.

3.  Hotel Pas de Calais

Need a beautiful place to stay in the heart of Paris, France? Look no further than the Hotel Pas de Calais. This picture perfect French hotel offers guests a perfect location, within walking distance of most major attractions as well as an amazing, included breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice and daily baked pastries, fresh every day. Reasonable prices, fresh breakfast and friendly staff are all you need.


4.  Seine River Cruise

A river cruise is a beautiful, leisurely way to experience Paris, night or day. Most popular at night and with a dinner included, the sightseeing river cruise takes you past iconic landmarks including the Eiffel Tower. Whether you are pressed for time or want a relaxing tour of Paris, hop on board a river cruise.

5.  Paris Bus Tour

If water isn’t your thing, choose an open-air bus tour of Paris. Yes, this is considered touristy however; this is the best and fastest way to see famous spots (and non-famous spots). Most of the tour buses also offer free audio guide that gives stories and facts at major stops. The bus is perfect for hop-on, hop-off as well and you can choose four different lines or take them all!

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